Accelerating the transition to a more sustainable, smarter and safer industrial reality

Looking beyond the current context to rethink what’s possible, we are an industrial group bringing step changes and sub-systems for industrial transportation and handling.

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Our Manifesto

Industrial growth is seen as being inherently at odds with a healthy planet and people. We see a new industrial reality where these exist in harmony, empowering future generations rather than limiting them. A reality in which smart components and sub-systems enable us to manufacture more goods using less resources.

Sustainable technologies

At Moovimenta, we focus on innovation that improves the sustainability of our customers' processes and end products. This is especially challenging when it comes to industrial components and sub-systems, as we must consider not only the materials, energy, and resources used in our own production, but also the energy used by our customers in their processes and the end-of-life solutions for our products. Our goal is to find a balance between these factors in order to maximize sustainability.

Global expertise

At Moovimenta, our engineers have extensive experience on the customer shop floor and are familiar with the sustainability, quality, and productivity issues that arise in various industries. This first-hand experience, combined with our global expertise in customer applications, allows us to understand the specific needs and goals of our customers.

We have a global presence, serving a variety of industries, and we are able to transfer innovative solutions from one industry to another, quickly rolling them out globally. This lateral thinking and ability to adapt our solutions across industries allows us to deliver the best possible support to our customers.

Premium quality

At Moovimenta, we believe that high-quality components and subsystems are inherently more sustainable because they are more durable and have a longer lifespan. This reliability helps reduce waste in our customers' processes and contributes to a more sustainable supply chain overall.

By consistently delivering high-quality products, we aim to minimize the need for repairs and replacements. Additionally, our focus on quality helps ensure that our products perform efficiently and effectively, leading to improved productivity and further reduced waste. Our commitment to quality is an essential part of our approach to sustainability.

Companies in our group


Habasit is a leading global company for conveyor and power transmission belting and systems, providing tailor-made, innovative solutions and services that keep industries in motion. Habasit improves the quality, reliability and productivity of its customers’ industrial processes. Habasit’s forte is deep industry experience and application knowledge, coupled with excellence in global service.


NGI Hygienic Components is the world’s leading manufacturer of all types of hygienic stainless-steel components, such as levelling feet, castors, bearing housings, drum motors, and conveyor frames. NGI components reduce the risks associated with Hygiene issues and reduce the time and costs of cleaning routines. NGI’s deep insights into the various sectors within the machine manufacturing and food processing industries makes it a value-adding partner with focus on consulting, training and knowledge sharing.


Rossi is a global leader in the manufacture of gear reducers, gearmotors and electric motors used in some of the most demanding applications in the world. Rossi offers reliable products and develops technical innovation for complex processes. Rossi combines a wide range of standard products with solutions co-engineered with its customers, across a wide variety of industrial segments, supporting them closely right from the design stage.


Trapo shapes the cooperation between humans and robots and is the perfect partner for your automation projects. An expert in the automation of intralogistics projects, Trapo is a “Top 100 Innovator” of the German SME. Trapo solutions along the entire length of customer’s plants offer optimized and simplified conditions – whilst increasing quality and efficiency.

Trapo solutions are used in picking, packing, (de)palletizing, packaging, conveying, warehouse logistics, sorting and distribution technology as well as loading and unloading solutions.

Our Corporate Accelerator

To focus our technology innovation, we’ve created our Corporate Accelerator, an innovation hub that takes new ideas quickly through the development phase into pilots, and ready solutions for the market. Technologies from our group companies are fused and innovated into completely new solutions and sub-systems for critical applications in a wide range of manufacturing industries.

Join us

The next movement in industry depends on creating more sustainable, smarter and safer processes. If you think it’s time to reimagine modern industry to better sustain people and the planet, please join us on this journey.

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