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Eagle by Moovimenta

This solution is designed for high precision application enabling optimization of industrial operations, harness data-driven insights, reduce waste, and streamline supply chains. With position measurement precision reaching ±10 μm, accuracy far surpasses current industry standards, increasing process efficiencies drastically.


Maximized positioning precision

Integrated magnetic linear encoding, advanced signal processing, and a machine learning algorithm for accuracy, ensuring minimized indirect substrate position measurement errors.


Consistent performance through continuous calibration

Autonomous, self-calibrating system adapting to evolving conditions, ensuring reliability, ease of use, top-tier performance, and uninterrupted optimal production.


Seamless integration for existing machine designs

Plug-and-play solution for existing machine designs, enabling OEMs to effortlessly upgrade machines already in the field, ensuring easy adoption and integration.


Innovative magnetic encoding technology

The solution has direct position measurement performance through linear encoding integrated within the process substrate, ensuring heightened accuracy without the need for moving parts.

  • Consistent results with a precision of ±10 μm (95%)
  • Stated precision performance includes both sensors and scale
  • Continuous self calibration allows the system to cope with temperature variations, temporary scale deformation and scale damaging
  • Tolerant to ride height variations thanks to magnetic scale with large poles
  • Can be used in looped configuration (e.g. rotary encoder on a large hub), it allows to have an open gap between the scale ends while performing as a complete ring scale


Habasit smart printing blanket

This application of the Moovimenta Eagle technology is developed together with our division Habasit. The smart printing blanket offers endless possibilities to the digital textile printing industry.

  • Habasit Smart Printing blanket reduces printing passes, cutting production time and energy consumption by half.
  • Minimize print sets, reducing waste at the start and end of your production. This enables more efficient, smaller batch sizes.
  • Smart printing blanket champions the shift from Analogue to Digital printing, making the transition to sustainable textile printing more enticing and achievable.

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