Accelerating change

Corporate accelerator

We're dedicated to reimagining industrial processes, enhancing their sustainability, intelligence, and safety.

Our Corporate Accelerator is the hub for pushing and coordination of innovation activities across the Moovimenta group. The combination of the distinct expertise in each of our divisions gives us a unique opportunity for collaboration in order to produce step change improvements in our customers’ processes.

Located at the Swiss Innovation Park in Dubendorf, Zurich, we are in the heart of a network and community of like-minded innovators.

Customer Centric Innovation

We are a hub of expertise, fostering knowledge across a broad spectrum of applications spanning manufacturing, handling and transportation processes. Through our extensive connections with customers, partners, and suppliers, we cultivate profound insights into these domains, driving innovation through cutting-edge technologies and subsystems.

A multidisciplinary team of business engineers, product managers and distinct engineers brings everything to solidly understand our customer needs, create profound subsystem innovations to collaboratively develop winning solutions for our clients.

Business Creation

A collaborative team of innovation managers, business engineers, and product managers diligently ensures that every innovation at Moovimenta is meticulously aligned with customer needs, technical advancements, and solution feasibility


An interdisciplinary team of engineers, proficient in automation technologies, mechanical engineering, embedded systems, system engineering, and control systems, tackles every technical innovation challenge. Within agile teams, we swiftly iterate to deliver high-quality results for our clients within short timeframes.


Equipped for rapid prototyping and laboratory environments, our team maintains the ability to conduct fast iterations on our developments at any given moment, ensuring precise control over the process.

Spotlight technologies

Eagle technology

Revolutionize textiles with our sustainable solution, transitioning to digital printing for an eco-friendly supply chain and democratized access.

Breeze technology

Integration made easy. High intelligence ecosystem solutions for automous intralogistics solutions.

Open innovation

We value ideas and expertise that lead to the development of valuable new solutions addressing pains and challenges in our target industries, as well in others where we can add value.

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Dr. Thorbjoern Buck
Head of Corporate Accelerator
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