Accelerating change

We are here to rethink industrial processes by making them more sustainable, smarter, and safer. Our mission gives us common purpose and provides the answer to the question why we do what we do. It is rooted in the deep conviction that industrial growth must sustain both people and planet.

Our Corporate Accelerator is the hub for the coordination of our innovation activities across our group. The combination of the distinct expertise in each of our divisions gives us a unique opportunity for collaboration in order to produce step change improvements in our customers’ processes.

Located at the Swiss Innovation Park in Dubendorf, Zurich, we are in the heart of a network and community of like-minded innovators.

New smarter ways

How we act

Driven by the belief that people can make the world a better place, we are driven by the challenge to improve. It’s in our nature to never lean back and accept the status quo. Genuinely curious and observant, we act as catalysts for positive change. We know that where there’s a will there’s a way. With an agile culture, we’re comfortable at the edge of new ideas, where, if at first we don’t succeed, we try again!

Constantly looking for the next logical step, we apply science, expertise, and evidence to the problems we seek to solve. And above all, we are honest, professional and ethical, empowering people with confidence to explore new territory together.

What we aspire to achieve

We are the place where expertise thrives. Expertise in a wide variety of applications for manufacturing, handling and transportation processes.

We leverage our relationships with customers, partners and suppliers to build deep knowledge of these applications, and then innovate with state-of-the art technologies and sub-systems.

We challenge the status quo, to rethink industrial processes.

Our solutions

Moovimenta delivers innovative, sustainable solutions for industrial components and systems. Our engineers have industry experience and global expertise to understand customer needs. Quality is a key part of our approach to sustainability, as high-quality products have longer lifespan and improved productivity.

Green Eagle – Digital printing blankets

Democratizing digital printing through innovative belting technology

The textile industry is one of the many segments that our Divisions serve, and it has a significant challenge in reducing its environmental impact and carbon footprint. At Moovimenta, we saw an opportunity to use our expertise in printing applications to help address this issue.

As a result, we have developed a solution that provides a significant opportunity for the entire textile supply chain to reduce its environmental footprint by creating more sustainable options.

The transition from traditional printing to digital printing methods will significantly reduce the industry's environmental footprint by reducing waste materials, using less energy in production, shortening supply chains, and reducing logistical costs.

Our technology is also democratizing access to digital printing methods, and our precision positioning and handling subsystems can improve the environmental footprints of companies already using digital printing methods.

Meet our Corporate Accelerator team

We pride ourselves on our diverse team, their backgrounds and their experiences. Meet the individuals behind the scenes who shape our company's culture and drive growth. Browse team member profiles to learn more about them.

Thorbjoern Buck

Head of the Corporate Accelerator

Before joining Moovimenta in March 2022, Thorbjoern Buck had founded and managed an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) start-up with a focus on wind turbine applications. He also worked at BOSCH Home Appliances for six years. Thorbjoern is a trained physicist and holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with a focus on optical measurement systems.

As of today, Thorbjoern Buck is responsible for leading the team in the Corporate Accelerator office in Dübendorf, Switzerland, and for managing the innovation portfolio of the company. He also provides a nucleus of innovation culture for Moovimenta.

Joël Barrère

Innovation Manager

Joël is located in in Zürich, Switzerland and is responsible for developing, structuring, and following up on new business opportunities at the Corporate Accelerator for the further sustained organic growth of the company.

He has received a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Commerce in Dundee, Scotland and a full-time general MBA from Oxford, England. Before joining Habasit in August 2022 he worked in several different industries and countries over the years and founded, led, and sold his own startup in 3D computer vision and robotics.

Luca Rovacchi

Business Case Owner

As the Business Case Owner at the Corporate Accelerator, Luca is responsible for overseeing the development, validation, and implementation of business cases for new projects. He has a keen interest in observing the evolution of projects from idea validation to value proposition and business case validation, through to execution and final implementation within the organization. Luca joined Habasit in 2017 as ISM for Textile. Prior to joining Habasit, he spent over 12 years in various sales management and product management roles within the automation division of Bosch, both in Europe and the USA. He holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Modena and an MEng from Exeter, UK.

Saverio Panni

Innovation Engineering Manager

Saverio is a highly skilled Project Manager with a deep understanding of engineering and a passion for tackling complex challenges. He is dedicated to leading teams towards the successful completion of projects, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and empowerment among team members.

Holding a Master's degree in Automation Engineering, Saverio brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role. He has extensive experience in both predictive and agile project management frameworks, and has previously worked in R&D and Corporate Research departments for leading multinational companies in the power generation and automotive industries. In 2022, Saverio joined Habasit and bring his rich experience to the company.

Pietro Domanico

Development Engineer – Electronics

In 2020, Pietro joined the Corporate Accelerator team at Habasit as a Mechatronics Engineer with a primary focus on electronics and software. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role, having previously gained valuable engineering experience as a research assistant at the University of Applied Science in Winterthur, where he worked in both the Institute of Mechatronics Systems and the Institute of Computational Physics. Prior to joining Habasit, Pietro served as the CTO at the startup Opus Néoi, where he was responsible for the development of the hardware and software for a cutting-edge handheld skin analysis Internet of Things (IoT) device.

Andreas Maier

Automation Engineer – Mechatronics

As a mechatronics expert, Andreas plays a key role in the development of new technologies and products at Habasit, by leading the prototyping of machines to improve processes. His passion for the intersection of mechanics, electronics and informatics led him to study mechatronics (DQR 6). He brings a wealth of experience to his role, having previously spent two years in internal commissioning of CNC machines, and six years in international industrial service at factories and on individual machines. In March 2021, Andreas joined Habasit International AG, where he continues to apply his expertise to drive innovation and efficiency.

Alexandru Lordache

Development Engineer – Mechanical systems

Alexandru joined the Habasit Corporate Accelerator team in February 2023. As a Mechanical Engineer, he holds a master's degree from Politehnica University of Bucharest. He has acquired valuable experience in various environments, including Corporate R&D in the automotive industry and the dynamic atmosphere of a consumer goods startup. His expertise lies in the field of structural mechanics, encompassing both theoretical aspects such as design and calculations, as well as practical skills like prototyping and machining. He is enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the development of new products by utilizing innovative concepts within a fast-paced environment.

Yan Volfson

Business development factory automation

Having over 10 years' experience in the industry and overseeing two far-sighted factory automation projects. Yan learned a lot about project management, end user needs, supplier interaction, and the amazing possibilities offered by the new digital world. His goal now is to apply this experience to develop new automation products to enable the next wave of innovations. His passion for turning concepts into realities continues after joining the exciting environment of Corporate Accelerator in November 2021.

Tash ter Braack

Development Engineer – Mechanical systems

Tash joined Moovimenta in November 2022. He brings with him a distinguished background in Mechanical Engineering, holding a doctorate from the University of California, Davis. With a specialization in Mechatronic System Architecture Design and Prototyping, Tash boasts an impressive track record of over 20 years of experience. Prior to his current role, Tash served as the Project Manager, Mechatronics at the Corporate Research and Technology center at Hilti Headquarters in Liechtenstein, where he made substantial contributions to the future of the construction industry through his innovative project creation and leadership. Additionally, he was the driving force behind the establishment of the machine learning and AI program. Presently, Tash finds fulfillment in crafting unique and groundbreaking prototypes, taking them from concept to demonstrator stage.

Holger Sick

System Engineering

Holger brings extensive experience in B2B product development and its prototyping and iteration techniques, making him a valuable asset to our team. With a strong technical background in electronics, mechatronics and embedded software development, he is well-equipped to handle a wide range of projects. Holger holds a Master's degree in Mechatronics and an Executive Master's in Business Administration (EMBA). As a systems engineer at our Corporate Accelerator, he excels in organizing complex subjects, devising strategies, creating action plans and driving development projects forward. Holger joined Habasit in 2018. In his prior job he served as the Head of R&D at a technology-driven SME specializing in optical measurement devices.

Valentina Barresi

Fabrication Engineer

Valentina joined the corporate accelerator in 2022 as a fabrication engineer. Valentina holds a bachelor and master degree in Naval Engineering. Valentina drives industrialization activites of innovation activities from a fabrication site in Italy. Prior to joining Moovimenta, Valentina has started her career a design engineer in a technical office for renewable resources system projects and as a development and design engineer at Electrolux Home Appliances.

Enrico Visconti

Business Case Owner

Alexander Serre

Business Development Hygiene & Sanitation



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