Democratizing intralogistics with mobile robotics 


Developing products to facilitate easy installation of mobile robotics in the field of intralogistics, without compromising on reliability or safety. 

The innovation

Utilizing the combined expertise and vast network of the Moovimenta Group, a range of products meets the needs of mobile robot users. These offerings seek to streamline operations in a dynamic and evolving market by providing comprehensive integration solutions from a single provider.


One product, many uses

Every product is designed to cover many use-cases enabling reusability and reconfigurability.


Product modularity enables future modification

Modular designs empower the implementation of forthcoming enhancements to product functionality, fostering prolonged product utilization within dynamic industries. This strategy mitigates wastage while concurrently augmenting client value propositions.

Plug and Play

Pre-certified handling processes

Pre-certified plug-and-play functionalities facilitate the implementation of a dynamic Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) powered workflow in any facility.

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Yan Volfson
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